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Balcony Screens


Balcony screens are great for children who love to play outside. Moms can enjoy the security of having the kids outside enjoying the fresh air. Its also great for pets! Until now, screen fabrics for outdoor enclosures have been limited in strength and durability, needing replacement in only a few years due to puncture, tearing or breakdown from exposure to the sun. The fiberglass screen material available today can become hard and brittle within 3 to 4 years, to the point it can be easily damaged by pets, flying objects (like a golf ball) or children at play. Within 6 to 7 years, with deterioration, a strong gust of wind can tear fiberglass screen to shreds.

Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out!


100% aluminum construction with fiberglass screening.

42" Rail Height

CADD Designed, CNC Fabricated

Doors that are self-latching.

Built to local codes.

Available colors: white, sandstone, adobe or bronze.

Bronze balcony screen guard rail
Multi Family balcony screen
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